"I have been seeing Dr. Bill for a few years and he is just amazing. I was a mess when I first saw him. I could barely walk or bend over and he has made doing normal things pain free. I’ve brought my daughter and husband and I can’t say enough about how nice the office staff is and Dr. B and Dr. C. Love you all."

- Andrea G.

"It is very hard to put my deep appreciation for the excellent care I have experienced at Satnick Chiropractic into words.

First started coming about a year ago and my back has been under-control for the first time!! Not only do I get the best adjustments in San Diego, I have experienced such genuine love and concern for my welfare. That is a rare thing in today’s world. I never feel rushed and the confidence I have for both Dr. C and Dr. B’s ability and knowledge is wonderful. Everyone in the office is so helpful and caring – WOW!!"

- Sophie B.

"Where do I start?! I have had numerous visits to the Satnick's Chiropractic office. Truck accidents, falling furniture accidents and general wear and tear. I work in Occupational Therapy, dealing with a variety of ailments and accidents that have left my patients needing my services to increase their well being and hopefully the ability to resume their previous life style. I often refer my patients to the Satnicks with tales of patching up my broken body. I love the "friendly, homey atmosphere." Now, they are putting me back into shape for my Peru trip to celebrate my 60th birthday!

- Teresa O.

"So far my visits have been very helpful. I'm continuing to work on my hip issues and hope to have my abilities back in a few more months of visits.

Dr. Claudette is awesome. Jenn and Tami are wonderful and treat me and their clients special and caring. Really enjoy my visits."
- Larry B.

"My wife and I have been coming to Satnick Chiropractic for a little over a year. My wife suffers from Alzheimer's and the effects of Arthritis. Dr. C's treatments always make her feel better physically, and she and the staff make her feel valued as a person. My recurring bursitis puts stress on parts of the body that are not directly affected. Drs. C and B were always able

to ease the discomfort. We enjoy the personal interest that everyone in the office takes in all their patients."

- Glen F.

"I love Drs. Claudette and Bill. They are always there when you need them! I can move and turn my neck. I've been a patient since 1985. Thank you!"

- Vickie O.

"I love the attention to detail about pain and discomfort. I first came in a few years ago, but returned in 2013 when rib pain was not being helped with other treatments. Although the pain returned on occasion it is so much better. I just need to come in more often for tune ups.

- Donald C.

"A few years ago. I was experiencing headaches daily and had occasional lower and mid back pain. Other chiropractors exacerbated the problems. Dr. C was honest about what it would take to solve the problem, but she took an interest in my global health beyond correcting my headaches. I now understand how to relieve pain between appointments and best of all, my headaches are gone! Thank you Dr. C. for taking an interest in my health."

- Matt H.

"Results, friendly peeps, especially Jenn! Y'all fit us in at the last minute. Our whole family loves to come in and you treat us all like family."

- Juliette H.

"I was having a lot of pain in my cervical area. It was incredibly painful and I couldn't turn my head. After physical therapy, trigger point massage and chiropractic adjustments, my pain has diminished significantly."

- Cerina O.

"The team at Satnick Chiropractic is great!! The doctors & staff are all very caring and customer satisfaction is always #1.

I started coming here when the doctors first opened their doors, 25+ years ago and they have been able to make me feel better when I left than I do when I walked in.

Thank you for all of your terrific care!!!"

- R. T.

"I have been coming to Satnick Chiropractic office for the past two months. Dr. C has made my body more mobile while treating my lower back pain. I have been working with the PT, who has given me many home exercises to strengthen my core and improve my flexibility and movement. I just love the PT, she is the best."

-Karen D.

"They know just the right spots to work on. Very caring. Very friendly and listens to you. Patient needs come first! Started coming here in 1995. Keeps me in good shape."

- Alice C.

"I have been a patient with Satnick Chiropractic since 1986. My family, including all of my children, have been patients for 28 years! Dr. C and Dr. Bill have treated us all through illness and injuries, always giving us a holistic approach to our health as we have worked through multiple issues over the years. Satnick Chiropractic works with you to achieve your optimum health

- LeeAnn H.

"I first came to Satnick Chiropractic in 1992, when my doctor said I would require crutches as my pregnancy advanced due to back pain from an old injury. Dr. Claudette and Dr. Bill did such a great job that I never needed crutches. Since then, my whole family has become patients at one time or another and we continue to be pain-free despite aging. The staff is wonderful
and Dr. Claudette and Dr. Bill Satnick are the only chiropractors I ever see – I just hope they keep going another 20 years!"

- Christine W.

"All are caring people who you know want you to feel better. They do this by the chiropractic treatment which is the most competent, by advice and council which is knowledgeable and helpful, and by an attitude that is upbeat. Even if one comes in as a basket-case, you leave so much better – Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Sharon W.

"I have been coming to Satnick Chiropractic on and off for years. They are conveniently located to my home and accept my health insurance. I have moderate scoliosis and a desk job, so Dr. Bill and Dr. C help keep me in alignment do I can do the activities I enjoy, A person's health is of genuine interest to them."

- Laurel N.

"My husband has been seen by Dr. Bill and Dr. C for many years. Without their help there were times when he couldn't even walk. Even though I knew they had helped him I was still afraid to make an appointment [for myself] and now I can't live without them! My neck pain and lower back pain has gotten so much better. It's amazing! The office staff is wonderful too. Jen fits us in on a moments notice. I was foolish to be in pain and on drugs for the past 20 years when Dr. C and Dr. Bill were right here waiting for me!"

- Karen L.

"From an auto accident injury, my left wrist and fingers were immobilized for six days – in spite of repeated doctors' visits every other day – each time resulting only in more x-rays and pain meds. I literally could not use or bend my left hand and fingers. I woke up at night screaming in pain. After six days I visited the Drs. with an electrical stimulation treatment. Within 15 minutes, the swelling on the inside of my wrist disappeared/reabsorbed and I was able to move my wrist, thumb and index finger. This is just one example of the kinds of effect that chiropractic, an alternative medical approach, can have under the Satnick's direction. I strongly recommend that one consider this approach if not already tried."

- Michael Z.

"I have been a patient at Satnick Chiropractic since 1995. Jessica had just been born and Dr. C was home with her. My first several appointments were with Dr. Bill and although I was skeptical of the activator working I soon realized I had found what I needed and would never have to have manual adjustments again. Through all of the years the Drs. at Satnick have cared for me I have been impressed by their denotation to healing, on going education, and the special relationship they have with their patients. Dr. C is the earth mother… healing all of you, body and soul. Dr. Bill is intuitive and skilled. I could not have made a better choice in care. I no longer live in PQ but the drive is always worth it."

- Laurel D.

"Our family has been patients of the Satnick Family for years. Both doctors are great, knowledgeable, and so helpful. They have always been there for us through neck pains, shoulder pain, and back problems. The Staff is wonderful and always willing to see us even on short notice if we have an emergency."

- Julie K.

"I started seeing Dr. Claudette 29 years ago when my youngest son was 4 years old. I was experiencing excruciating lower back pain carrying him around and having him jump into my arms from the stairs. I first went to another Chiropractor in the area and was not happy with his treatment. Dr. C and I bonded on the first visit and she has since successfully treated my back, neck, hands, feet and a myriad of aches and pains during that time. I trust both Dr. C and Dr. Bill to work on me without hesitation. I'm happy to say that I consider them my primary "aches and pain relief" doctors and my friends as well. "

- Penny P.

"After 11 weeks of pain and no sleep I came to [Satnick Chiropractic] for treatment. I saw Dr. C three times and slept all night. Every visit I feel better-my pain is about a 2, which is great! The office is always friendly and looking out for their patients best. Dr. C in so many ways my M.D. didn't."

- Margaret M.

"I came in in constant pain in my neck and shoulders. My mobility was severely restricted. After two months, I am close to pain free and my range of motion is almost back to normal! the team here is professional but also like a real family. I am so glad I found you!"

- Diana W.

"I came to the Satnicks 13 years ago suffering from several types of pain, not realizing that my own habits and lifestyle were largely the cause. Today I know much more about what true wellness is and how to achieve it. The Satnicks are my doctors and my friends and I celebrate with them their 25 great years of helping patients live healthier, better lives."

- Phil H.

"I had lived with hip pain and restricted movement for over 20 years; but to be totally pain free after 3 months of treatment is nothing short of miraculous. Thank you to Dr. William and Claudette Satnick for putting me back in alignment and balance, Erin Crowley for your corrective physical training regimen, and Jackie Beaumont for your expertise at finding my trigger points, and the entire Penasquitos Pointe Medical Group front staff for all the behind the scenes coordination."

- Lance G.

"The best testimonial that reflects the character and professionalism of Dr. Claudette and Dr. Bill, I first saw i their two children who I had the privilege to teach. Just like their parents, they are hard working, honest, and find joy in learning and understanding."

- Kathy D.

"Having recently relocated to San Diego a co-worker referred me to Dr. Satnick after my
auto accident. The Doctors are wonderful! The provide a "holistic" approach and are very patient as well as great listeners. The rest of the staff follows their lead and really care for you as an individual, not just a patient on a roster."

- Carla Ann R.